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May 6th, 2014 § 0 comments

Posters (including digital version of the album) 50% of, now 50 SEK
Digital version of both of our albums now 30 SEK

Order at:
mitw poster Music Is The Weapon has never been about money, rather we have built this band on friendship, love, energy, strong musicianship and a big passion for afrobeat.
So now when we reached the point of break even with our album we thought it would be great to lower the prices and hopefully reach a lot more people.
Still, even tough our goal have been to play funky music rather than make the big money, the best way to support music is to buy it. We are all struggling musicians and having a 11 piece band on the road cost money. So if you want your favorite music to live on (regardless of what kind of music it may be) remember to contribute with what you can, and if you need the music but don’t have the money, you now have the chance to get it very cheap!
And last we want to thank for the amazing support we have got since our last album!
You who follow us know that we are in the making of our third album, so stay tuned and you will hear from us soon!

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