Bringing afro-beat to the people since 2007.

Released “Music Is The Weapon” in 2009 (Spotify and iTunes).

Released “Moving foundations and outer space” in 2012 (Spotify and iTunes)



Moving Foundations and Outer Space journeys through galaxies made up of sound,  occasionally  trespassing  obscure  sealed  off  areas  therein  wherehidden bea(s)ts are to be discovered by the brave listener.The  new  set  of  songs  is  a  melting  pot  of  ecstatic  percussion,  wild  horn adventures and psychadelic organ lines. Music Is The Weapon is constantl ychallenging concepts and whatever you expect of this new release expectsomething else.Moving Foundations and Outer Space  challenges you to let go, shake thatbody of yours and awaken the spirit of rhythm within, and above all, loveafrobeat.Moving Foundations and Outer Space  was released on MITW Records on november 21st 2012 on vinyl and digitally. It’s also  be  released  as  a  poster,  designed  byartist Peter Larsson, where you can download the music digitally via a QR code or URL






Afrobeat: It’s the best answer to a small-town Swedish winter.

Or so says Music is the Weapon, a Nordic response to the brash message and sound of Nigeria’s Fela Kuti. A twelve-member strong team of top instrumentalists, the group’s core first formed in a remote town far north of Stockholm, and turned from a good-time one-off into Sweden’s best (and perhaps only) Fela-inspired outfit.

The band brings a distinct skill and savvy to the maverick musician’s signature sound, crafting hard-hitting instrumental originals with sing-along choruses. In a scene with few huge (and very few hugely funky) bands, Music Is The Weapon packs clubs and converts the casually curious into wildly dancing fans. Tracks like their latest single, “We Will Never Stop” rip through rousing anthems, offering a blisteringly funky alternative to the mainstream.

“We’re not fighting the same fight in Sweden as Fela did in Nigeria, of course, but I feel that in some way it’s political to play this kind of music in clubs here,” explains Christopher Ali Thorén, sax player and co-founder of Music Is The Weapon. “We give people the experience of big live band playing raw funk. For me it’s an act of resistance all its own.”

Music Is The Weapon have tapped into a previously unknown demand for something radically different and deeply funky. ”For one of our first shows in Stockholm, we thought we’d just play, and people can come if they come,” Thorén recalls. They watched the people come pouring into the club. “I realized then that people are starving for something like this.”



- Frida Eleonore Winlöf; trumpet

- Christopher Ali Thorén; tenor saxophone

- Jonas ‘Finland’ Rönnqvist; alto saxophone

- Fredrik Brändström; keyboards

-Tobbe Alpadie ; guitar

- Jesper Lundquist; guitar

- Vilhelm Bromander; bas

- Wille Alin, drums

- Celso Paco, congas, vocals

- Jon Olofsson; percussion

- Mattias Hidemo; claves

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