Shout outs from New York to Melbourne!

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Our single, “We Will Never Stop,” has only been out a little more than a week and it has already been spread around the globe.

Of course we’re happy for all fantastic shout outs on Facebook and Twitter from near and faraway friends!

Without you we would not have the energy to work this much. But thanks to you, it feels worth keeping a large orchestra and go out on the roads. Despite all the financial and practical problems it brings. But, as you know, to play the music we love and meet a fantastic audience is the most important thing for us.

We are glad that also blogs and radio stations from New York to Melbourne via Sweden recognizes and like our music.

If you have you missed something then check out the links below!

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First up was Tabberaset with some nice words.

Of course we are delighted that the Swedish Public Sevice Television blog PSL like the video. They called it “kulstökig”, don’t have a clue what it would be in English.

Swinging Melbourne based radio show Stylin at Triple R played the single last week.

New York-based The Afrobeat blog also wrote about the video. “Afrobeat will never stop. That message is sent loud and clear from Music is a Weapon, ”

Stockholm club blogs have picked up the song. Check out Bon Chance.

From “The Swedish group ‘ Music Is The Weapon Music Is The Weapon’ have just released a new ‘afrobeat’ single and video – “We Will Never Stop” and it’s funky as hell!”.

Some nice words from YAM Magazine:
“Aw yes! Gotta love when this kind of music finds its way to me.
You know how much I love and rave about Combo De La Musica? Well, Music Is The Weapon is right up that ally, just with a little more gasoline.”

First remix of “We Will Never Stop”

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Our friend Victor Lisinski has totally smashed our single “We Will Never Stop”. Do not know what it can be called, but it’s definitely not from this planet. But what we do know is that we really like it.

Listen here.

If you are interested in remixing the song, do not hesitate to send an email to info [a]!

New single and video out now!!!

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Today is the release of our single, “We will never stop”!

“We Will Never Stop” is available on iTunes,Spotify and other digital services!

Not only that, we’re also releasing a music video made by Elie Kellermann:


We Will Never Stop – new singel release on Monday May 7th

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This Monday, May 7th, we will release our new single “We Will Never Stop”

It’s the first single from our upcoming album and we’re back with just the tough, passionate afrobeat as you can hear on our sweaty and funky concerts.
The music is a result of that we locked our selves up in a cottage on the beautiful Swedish west coast, and recorded a follow up to our self-titled debut album.

What you will hear is the Nordic response to the brash message and sound of Nigeria’s Fela Kuti. On ”We Will Never Stop” we rip through this rousing anthem, offering a blisteringly funky alternative to the mainstream.

So friends, only two days left!!!

Finally! The MITW website!

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Finally Music Is The Weapon got a website / blog!
So stay tuned here to find out everything worth knowing about the band and the music.

Soon we will release new music so there is lot of things going on!

Take care!

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